Creative documentary photography that tells a story.

Whitney J. Fox Photography is based in Portland, Maine and is dedicated to creative documentary storytelling for corporate branding, lifestyle, architecture, food, travel, portraits, and adoptions. Owner/photographer Whit Fox calls Portland's Back Cove home and primarily travels the Northeast, creating emotional visuals that resonate with viewers.

I love meeting interesting people, working with talented clients, and seeing new places and spaces. Collaborating with cool folks to create killer imagery is what I strive for.  Working time and again with those people is a bonus and I treasure those relationships.  I have also been documenting weddings since 2008 and it keeps me on my toes on all fronts -- creatively, physically, mentally, and emotionally (see portfolio here).

In addition to picture making, I like spending my time playing outdoors, running, climbing, hiking, skiing, cycling or attempting to surf those beautiful Maine waves. I'm working on my green thumb and hope to keep my garden and vegetables alive this year.  My latest endeavors are jigsaw puzzles and CrossFit, and I'll be honing my kayaking skills this summer with my new rig.  Silly Will Farrell and Vince Vaughn comedies make me laugh out loud.  I love traveling anywhere and exploring the great state of Maine that I now call home.  Also, I love potato chips and salt.


Companies | Agencies | Organizations | People

I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients, ranging from private citizens and non-profits to small businesses and global brands.  I often help with corporate branding by working with marketing and PR agencies to create a comprehensive and cohesive body of imagery for their clients in a diverse range of industries -- from high-end architecture and construction to the energy industry, from health and wellness to the food industry, from arts and education to recreational sports. Additionally, artistically documenting events allows me to engage with that organization or community and learn something new.  I feel lucky to continuously work with so many wonderful clients.